Sunday, March 3, 2013

Missing Ally today

I have been extremely emotional today.  I haven't had the best week.  As many of you know Ally's birthday was on Wednesday.  That day I wan't really emotional.  We had just adopted a dog the Saturday before and I was beyond stressed.  We were trying to crate train the dog.  We now live in Saratoga Springs and our girls our buried in Holiday.  We don't get down much to see them.  My dad had invited us to lunch also and we thought since we were going down already we would meet him.  We went to lunch got some balloons and flowers for Ally and went to the cemetery.  After digging the snow off of her grave. We sang happy birthday and placed the balloons and flowers on her grave.  I felt kind of bad that I wasn't emotional.  But man did it hit me today.  There has been a lot of family drama going on this week and we gave the dog back to the shelter yesterday.  Today I just can't stop crying.  I have been also under a lot of stress.  I have been sleeping tones and never feel as though I have gotten enough sleep.  Today at church the lesson was on Motherhood which made it harder too.  Do you know that Ally would have been 4 this year?  I miss her lots today.  The sunday after her birthday.