Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another story of remembering Ally!

i Mel! I just have to tell you what happened at the Festival of Trees tonight:

Carson and I were walking along looking at all the trees and he was happy to keep up with the fairly quick pace I had set. Then we came to your tree and we stopped to admire it and when I took Carson's hand to move on to the next tree, he didn't want to come with me! He just stood and gazed at your tree, pointing at all of the angels on the ground, excitedly waving his arms and saying, "Dat! Dat!" Every time I tried to take his hand, he would pull away and refuse to move on.

I thought he would be excited about the electric trains, cars, dancing Santa, other toys, etc on other trees, but your tree was BY FAR HIS FAVORITE. I really believe that the veil is still thin for him and that he remembers his friend Ally and could sense her presence there. It was a truly sweet experience we had at the Festival of Trees tonight that I never would have expected but am grateful to have had.

I just wanted to share that with you. The tree was beautiful! I love you!

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