Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Many of you know that June is not my favorite month. Reasons why;

June 3, 2011- Grandpa Wheeler's Funeral
June 11, 2010- Allyson dies of a Heart Failure. Nan and Jerry's(in-laws) Anniversary.
June 15, 2007- Evie dies from complications of CDH. Josh and my 5th Anniversary.

Josh has been trying to have me think of the good things that happen in June

June 13, 2009- Ally gets to come home from the NICU
June 14, 2007- Evie's Birthday
June 15, 2002- Josh and I were married for time and all eternity.

Surprisingly this past week hasn't been very emotional. I thought I would have had a harder time. I was very busy this weekend and was out of town last weekend which I think helped a lot.

Things I remember about Evie. She had her eyes wide open when she was born. She had red hair from day one.

Things I remember about Ally. She loved to see me in the morning, She was always happy. She sucked her thumb with her whole hand. She loved her grandpa. She loved to see daddy especially when she and I would deliver him food to him at work. She loved to watch Nemo and would smile at Bruce the shark. She loved to watch her crazy cousins run around the house. She loved her mommy. She loved her cookie monster and elmo. She loved loved Life and wanted to be here always.

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