Monday, May 30, 2011

Dad spoke of Ally last week at church

Dad had to speak at church last week. He was suppose to be talking about the former bishop. My mom told me that he almost took the whole meeting time. Most of you don't know that my dad and Ally where very close. Besides me and Josh, I think that my dad really took her death the hardest. My dad came to the hospital for the 4 months that Ally was in the NICU. He would read her a story every night. He would look forward to Sundays after he's meetings to come home and see Ally. He has struggled for a very long time with her death and I believe he still is. Sunday, in his talk, he compared his struggle to the Conference talk about the Current Bush. Or maybe it is just the Current Bush story. The gardner cut the current bush and thought that he heard the current bush say "Why did you cut me back?" I was growing so well." My dad said that he was like the current bush. Heavenly Father cut him back because he needed to grow stronger and learn from his trial. I wished I could have been there to here his talk. Mom said that he did a great job.

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