Monday, August 9, 2010

Evie Nanette's Story

It was the middle of October 2006 when we found out the news. Josh and I were so excited about being pregnant. It was are first and we had been married for 4 years. We had gone to Build a Bear many times to make furry friends for our new arrival. We had decided to do the baby room in a Noah's Ark theme. On December 23, 2007 I was cramping really bad. I thought I was going to start my period. I was scared to death when I noticed blood when going to the bathroom. I was crying, pleading and begging to Heavenly Father to keep the baby. Josh then rushed me to ST. Marks. The nurse did an ultrasound and found the baby to be fine. ER sent us home with some medication and instructions to come back if there was more blood or fluid. I woke up up the next day all wet. And then back to the hospital. The baby was still fine and I was put on bed rest for the next week. It was the worst because it was Christmas. So nothing serious only 2 threatened miscarriages.

By February everything had calmed down. We were dying to find out the sex. On Feb. 9th 2007. We went to the 28 week ultrasound. It was a girl and we couldn't have been more thrilled. That is until I got a call from the doctor the next day. The doctor said that the baby's head and torso were to small and would like us to have another detailed ultrasound. He then refereed us to a specialist. On Feb. 15, 2007. We went to that ultrasound. The specialist then told us that our baby had a birth defect called a CDH Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. The baby's diaphragm had a whole in it that allowed the stomach, intestines, and liver to enter the top half of the baby's body, Next to the heart. He told us that there was a 50% chance that our baby would even live until birth. The words cut like a knife. The specialist then asked us if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy. I would have blamed my self for it if i did so we decided not to. I then asked if this was going to be with all my children. The specialist told me that it was a fluke and that there was only a 2% chance of it reoccurring. After all had left Josh and I sobbed. We cried all the way home. We called everyone to tell them the bad news. That weekend my mom and sisters were going to LA to see the musical Wicked. We left that night. The night of the show I kelt and prayed. I asked Heavenly Father if this baby would live. I waited for the answer. A horrible feeling came to me telling me that she was not going to make it. I cried all night, but kept hoping that my feelings were wrong.

Evie's due date was June 30, 2007. On Wednesday June, 2007. Josh and I went to a check up. I was dilated to 6+ and the doctor told me to come to the hospital at 12:00 p.m. that night to be induced. I had only been dilated to a 3 the week before. I was suppose to be induced at 12:30, but the NICU was overcrowded that night at Primary Children's Medical Center. Josh, my sister, and I stayed the night, I couldn't sleep. I was either to excited or to scared to. They induced me at 7 am. the morning of the 14th. I was managing the contractions well but they were starting to become very difficult. I asked for an eppaderil. 2 hours later I received one. Having to hold still for 20 minutes while in massive labor is impossible but I did it. Evie Nanette Hensley was born at 3:45 p.m. after 8 hours of labor.

She was a pail gray with her eyes wide open. Little did I know that would be the last time I would see her eyes. She was rushed to the Hospital's NICU and the rushed to Primary Children's Doctors said she was doing quite well. Josh went along when she was transferred and never left her side. After Evie got settled Josh came back to the recovery room. We were both so exhausted that we fell asleep. At about midnight we were awakened by a call from the NICU. They told us that Evie was not doing well and that we should come right away. We did so and called our family on the way. When everyone got there we gave Evie a name and a Blessing and went to a hospice room and waited. I laid down for a while to rest. The the attendant came and got Josh. He told Josh that Evie received a brian hemorrhage at birth and would not be able to be put on Ecmo (a Machine that Oxygenates the blood). Josh then asked if we just were prolonging Evie's death in which the attendant said yes. Josh then asked the Attendant to tell the family. I immediately started to cry. We then decided to remove her from life support. We carried her back to the hospic room and each of our family members got to say good by. Evie passed away at 6:45 am in my arms, on Josh and I's 5th wedding anniversary.

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