Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday I had my first counseliing appointment. It went great. It was really just an assessment. I did learn that it is ok to talk to complete strangers about your losses. It is how you cope with it. So talking to that random girl at Lion King was ok. By the way Lion King was awesome. We started talking with the couple we were next to by telling them the football scores(Josh). I found out that thewoman worked for University of Utah Hospital. I told her that I recently passed my CNA certification and was intrested in applying there. I also told her that I had my daughters there bacause of primary's next door. She then asked if my daughters were still with me to which I said no. Josh then turned to me and told me that what I said was inapropriate. I asked my counselor what she though and she said that it wasn't. So I don't have to worry about if I talk about it in public. That is how I am coping with it. So my family is sick of hearing about it. So I am now going to talk to my friends about it. So you might get a random phone call from me. Just to let you know all I want you to do is listen. You don't need to fix anything. Just listen and tell me everything is ok. And if I happen to come over. Hugs are greatly apprechiated. Thanks so much to the ladies in my ward for listening and great hugs. Love you all.

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