Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Dreams

Lately I have been Having one reoccurring dream. It is really an offal dream. But to me it is I feel the only way I can see Ally again. I dream that Ally didn't die. She came back from the dead. And no matter what I do I can't help her. In my dream she alway hasn't been taken care of. She hasn't been fed. She hasn't had her diaper changed. For 2 weeks. I am holding her and I can't ever seem to find formula, diapers, bottles, an pjs at any store. The more and more time I take Ally gets worse and worse. Josh and I keep on driving and driving and never get to where we can buy things to help her. But I never can get to a place or find things to help her. I'm desperate. But I think that if I pray not to have these dreams I'll never see her again. But it is so offal to dream this over and over again. What should I do?

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  1. The other day Emma Smith: My story was on tv, and I watched it because it had been a while since it was in the theater. It made me think of you because poor Emma lost her first baby, and then her twins, and even more kids. In all, only 4 of her 9 natural born children made it to adulthood, and even then 1 of those 4 died at about 23. How awful it must have been for Emma to lose her first 3 children at birth. But she didn't give up or listen to people who would maybe say "you shouldn't have more children." She kept trying for more children and adopted 2 from neighbors. I know times have changed and such, but I think of you as a modern day Emma Smith, and I think that you should keep trying to build your eternal family.