Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other People dream of Ally! Awesome.

My friend on Facebook had a post that she hears a little girl's voice on her baby's monitor. She thought it to be scary. I commented that it was Ally. She then told me that she has Dreams all the time about her. I asked to tell me and she posted this.

Mason-Donna Marcellus Shes always around around my house like its not a big deal that she doens't know me. Her and Khloe were just playing with toys and laughing and stuff. Sometimes shes lugging around this big oxygen tank and decides all the sudden she doesn't need it anymore and just takes it off and she really was totally fine and she just laughed at me for being concerned . And I had a dream with her pushing a cart around walmart putting stuff in it. :S Weird, like in my dream i dont know her at all. But when I wake up I'm like...that was Mel's daughter.

I love it how others have good dreams of her. I;m glad that she is in good dreams. Thanks for sharing Dona.

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